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Summary of the Center and Project beginnings

The cross-pollination of academic research and practical disciplines engenders innovation, new ideas and growth. In May 2012, the Interdisciplinary Global Health Forum was held with full support by the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, with four major public health speakers and in depth discussion. 

The major outcome of this Forum concluded that as students, young doctors and young researchers in medicine, the need for an interdisciplinary global health research collaborative found in the "Prague Center for Global Health" (PCGH) is needed in order to challenge and bring about new ideas for new global problems and evidenced-based solutions. It is imperative that Charles University remain and re-emerge as a global leader in the public health debate and the Prague Center can help bring these ideas to the global discussion table.

PCGH is a regional center for the promotion of health and human security. Some of the more recent projects the PCGH has applied for an been partipants of relate to human and health security in war and disaster. 


Mission Statement

This collaborative and interdisciplinary academic center for research collaboration based in Prague, fundamentally enhances communication, data, results and conclusions of all departments and projects related to global health, public health policy and clinical practice. 

The main outcomes and outputs from the Prague Center for Global Health are peer-reviewed publications, policy proposals for governments and ministries and private sector leaders, clinical research, field medical and global health work and  the betterment of global health education. The Prague Center for Global Health enlists students, interns, career academics and professionals to carry out research and offer best practices. 

The central vision of the Prague Center is to conduct high quality, relevant, and timely global health related research, proposals and policy and practical training. The Prague Center is not to be a time-wasting academic exercise but a legitimate, goal-oriented and results based center.

The Prague Center for Global Health’s Mission is to provide professional education, research, and innovative public service in health promotion and the prevention and control of illness and injury utilizing epidemiological, evidenced-based, policy driven best practices in medicine and public health. Our mission is to improve public health, improve delivery of preventative medicine, promote individual well-being and eliminate health disparities globally.

We bring about sustainable, positive changes in health by providing an outstanding program of research, teaching and service to educate public health leaders and students; discover, test and disseminate evidenced-based solutions to major global health threats and problems; translate research into effective practices and sound policies; and serve communities and populations through outreach, engagement, education of citizens and health professionals, and application of solutions to health threats and problems. The Prague Center for Pubic Health aims at taking research and putting it into action.


Core Values

The Prague Center for Global Health’s core mission is to serve the broad view of the health of populations that is found in the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health:
  complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The Prague Center is committed to the pursuit of social justice in health for all and embraces the duty of being a voice and presence in the University, Academic, European and Global community promoting the population perspective on preventative health measures and greater public health. The Prague Center values the spirit of open inquiry into health issues using scientific, quantitative and qualitative tools that explore philosophical assumptions and ethical foundations, challenges the norm and seeks to use conventional and unconventional evidenced-based solutions for complex global problems. 
The foundation of the Prague Center relies upon a strong collegial and professional commitment amongst peers, students and patients in all work relations, academic pursuits, clinical treatment and all intellectual pursuits. We believe collaboration with others is essential to carrying-out such a mission. This is carried out through diversity in thought and personnel in our department and sound ethical behavior in research and work.
The Prague Center for Global Health (PCGH) is in no way whatsoever affiliated with or in connection on any grounds with any governmental, political organization or private enterprise. The PCGH is completely academic and as global health policy, medical practice and public health are inherently linked to governance, the PCGH has no connection of any kind with any political or governmental organization with any foreign or national government.