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The risks associated with developing a research institute exist in what happens to the staging and ranking of the university if such a research institute is NOT started. Said simply, such an interdisciplinary research institute is pivotal in order to stay in-line with international academic standards in the 21st century. The historical development of public health based in the Czech Republic is significant and such an undertaking as the Prague Center for Public Health would continue this pursuit of high academic, policy and best practices.

An additional risk is that of continuity. If there were no continuous and consistent leadership to help guide, promote and advance the activities of the Prague Center for Global Health, it would become a defunct and useless university enterprise. Mitigation of such risk is found in the consistent leadership offered by the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, specifically through the author of this proposal and subsequent future graduate and post-doctoral students. Promotion, guidance and leadership for the Prague Center for Global Health and its activities and projects can be provided both within the city of Prague, neighboring countries and remotely for short periods of additional academic and work pursuits.

The world order established post Cold War has been in a dynamic state throughout 2014 - 2015. Public Health outcomes are affected and if we do not study and offer policy options for decision makers, we are doomed to fail and Health Security will fall. much work remains to be done.

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