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Project Deliverables

The Prague Center for Global Health will partake in 4 key active sectors:

  1. Research and Publications:

    1. Interdisciplinary research between departments, field research and clinical practice and review.

    2. Main outcomes: publishing papers, policy reports, working documents, books and offering standards and best practice guidelines in clinical practice and global health policy

      1. Publications will be peer-reviewed, non-peer reviewed and aim at Impact Factor (IF) across disciplines

      2. All clinical and field research will undergo strict Internal Review Board (IRB) and local and international Ethical Committee (EC/EK) approval

  1. Field Work:

    1. International  Medical Field work

      1. Research, field and clinical components with skills for students, academics and researchers.

      2. Field work will initially focus on tropical and infectious disease, as well as, global preventative medicine, vaccines and the developing world. It is the aim to include local and regional Central European public health projects.

      3. Preliminary field research and work are targeted at Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Iraq and Ukraine

  1. Global Health Seminar/courses:

    1. Two seminar courses, across disciplines and involving all departments. These courses will be for credit and will have an online and didactic/classroom component.

      1. Course I: introduction to Global Health

      2. Course II: Global Health Case-Study: problems, data and research, results and solutions – major outcomes

  1. Policy Research:

    1. The most challenging and in depth global policy and health review from a regional and global perspective

      1. Global Health Policy review and engagement

      2. Conference attendance and key stakeholder engagement (EU, North America, The Middle East and Asia)

      3. The first three years will be devoted to basic understandings and review of research that is presently available and where research bridges can be made within Prague and the region

      4. Years 2018 - 2021, the drafting of global health policy based on data, research, analysis and in-depth and interdisciplinary review of global finance, best practices, international law, humanitarian aid programming, poverty reduction, fragile and failed states, food security, health security to analyze public health policy globally

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