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News in Medicine - Journal Club Details

News in Medicine -


Charles University First Faculty of Medicine


Goal: To develop skills in critically assessing the primary literature and verbally presenting the findings of our patients and new clinical research.


  1. Develop oral communication skills by presenting patient reviews and timely articles from the primary literature.

  1. Prepare and deliver an oral presentation, summarize and critically evaluate a research article.

  1. Assess the soundness of research methods and study design.

  1. Evaluate the presentation and analysis of data.

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the study.


1. Prepare a 1 to 2 page typewritten outline of your presentation to guide the discussion:

Patient Case Review:

Journal Article Reference (digital / printed copy of article if possible)


  • Study objective

  • Justification for study


  • Research design

  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria

  • Treatment protocol

  • Statistical tests


  • Results of the study – in simple medical terms

  • How it relates to the care and treatment of your patient case review

Discussion (guided by faculty / group discussion)


  • Presentation should be ~15-20 minutes with an additional 10-20 minutes of questions.

  • Be sure State the title of the article, authors, journal name, and issue.

  • State the authors’ conclusion and be able to defend or dispute these conclusions. Discuss future implications to clinical practice.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the study. Suggest improvements if possible.

  • Possibly provide conclusions independent of the authors’ conclusions.

***PLEASE ALSO FIND UPDATED DETAILS AT THE FOLLOWING: http://pcgh.lf1.cuni.cz/news-in-medicine-journal-club-details***

You should be reading this post if you have expressed interest or have registered for the 'News in Medicine - Journal Club' eligible elective course.

First, please be sure to get access to the Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5T-9ooj9FbtQTZzcVE3alpVRG8?usp=sharing with resources for the course, these online areas will also be where students exchange information about the course, journal articles and individual presentations. Students must read the documents in the folder about journal article review and the basics of the course PRIOR to the first learning session. The links are here:

Google Docs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5T-9ooj9FbtQTZzcVE3alpVRG8?usp=sharing

The information in both folders should be identical, please report any irregularities or if you cannot access them to me (john.quinn@lf1.cuni.cz or +420608246032).


General Session I: intro in Winter 2017, TBA, DECEMBER 2017 

General Session II: Highlight "END7 Diseases," Mini Sessions: TBA 2018

General Session III: Trauma and Case Studies: TBA February / March 2018

Special Session I: Global Health Forum in Prague: TBA / October/November 2018 (all those who attend will get credit for this course)

After making sure you have access to the Google Docs please try to get onto the Adobe Connect: https://el.lf1.cuni.cz/r20b8o6pcaf/ and others that may be updated in this space and via email. 

platform (PLEASE NOTE THE UPDATED PAGE ADDRESS. This is where online meetings will occur (meeting rooms and page addresses may change going forward). There will also be in person meetings at the physio department and one large conference meeting in spring/summer 2017.

The participant code is: CUPU

Please also find updates throughout the year on the facebook, LinkedIn and MedSoc pages (under construction) and on the website link above at the top of this email. Looking forward to meeting you all on the online platform!

Some Valuable resources for the course (also see the attachments in the Google Docs Folder):


http://www.lf1.cuni.cz/vyukovy-portal-mefanet-1lf-uk and http://portal.lf1.cuni.cz/index-en.php



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