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Management Plan

The Prague Center for Global Health is a research and academic based institute. The need for any concrete or rigid management structure is NOT required. However, for the sake of publication approval, grant applications, students, research and professors, a chain-of-command and decision-making tree is required. For the sake of easy communication and idea flow, the Dean of Medicine at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague is the final say and decision maker at the Prague Center for Global Health. In order to stay consistent and offer best practices, the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology will provide a constant lead for project progress until 2018 and act as a focal point for communication.

Each collaborating institute and university department must elect a contactable representative (no Prague residency is required) and designate and identify contact details of other department experts that may or may not be available for students, researchers and potential internal and international collaborators to contact with industry specific issues and concerns. Ideally, if this expert was too busy to support the question or need at the time by a potential researcher and collaborator, they would designate a colleague or offer contacts that would be able to further support the individual and their research need. Membership to the Prague Center for Global Health is NOT exclusive, is free and open.

Below is a preliminary organization chart of the fundamental structure and how decision making flow originates:


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