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Key Milestones



Target Completion Date

Comments / Status 

PHASE I DEVELOPMENT (partially complete)


Official University designation

Summer 2012 - 2018



Collaborating University departments contacted and integration of IT/websites and updated communications

Summer 2012 - present 

In Process 


Confirm all associated departments and identify research topics of interest and areas of collaboration and connection

Autumn 2013 - Present



Publish outcomes of the Global Health Forum in the Prague Medical Report, Central European Journal for Public Health or other regional publication with the official launch and details of the Prague Center

Autumn 2012, 2014 and 2016



Invite public-private partnerships within Prague and beyond for research activities

Autumn 2013 / Winter 2020

Please see ‘Collaborating Institutes’ section for further details. The need to have Prague and non-Prague based collaboration is fundamental to an interdisciplinary framework


Have a speaker from international body (WHO, MSF etc) speak about collaborative research and needs in public health

May - June 2017

2014, 2016 - complete; 2018 TBA


Conduct a needs assessment between available departments for key actors and interested parties in all officially and unofficially assigned departments on what key research areas can overlap and where collaboration can be engendered


This stakeholder analysis will be an ongoing process to constantly find researchers, collaborators and mentors for research from students, academics and active participants.


Apply for international collaborative conference presentation, research grant and scholarship from major EU based donor

Winter 2018 - 2020

The grant process will begin upon official designation by the university and a conference attendance and presentation will be available upon further identification of key stakeholders

EU/EC funding and fungi letters awaiting Head of Department approval


Have speaker from USAID, other students focused practical research and field work specific topics. Apply for first grant to conduct interdisciplinary research

Winter 2018-2019

Three key USAID field workers have been identified from Munich, Berlin and Prague to offer a forum to discuss working and volunteering in medical field work abroad and in resource poor environment


Attend conference and present findings from preliminary research on public health collaboration

Winter/Spring 2015 and FFFP 2018

European Base conference (Prague / UK)


Launch online and classroom based Global Health Course for students (seminar)

Spring 2020

Upon approval of the two major courses offered (see ‘Key Deliverables’ Section



Apply for a multi-year Grant

Spring - Winter 2018-2019

Multiple. Key findings and results to be published in peer-review IF journal with potential policy solutions and comment


Teach the News in Medicine Course, a Global Health Seminar, Oversee and mentor students in course writing and provide research leadership for research activity 


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