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Please find details here about a partner project: END7 (son to be changed):

END7 is a grassroots campaign managed by the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, an initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute. The Sabin Vaccine Institute has received Charity Navigator's highest four-star rating and is a leader in Global Health Leadership.

The END7 campaign aims to end the 7 most common Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) (namely hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, trachoma, elephantitis and river blindless) by 2020. Unfortunately these NTDs affect over 1 billion people in the poorest regions of the world with sometimes disabling and stigmatization for affected patients. This morbidity and suffering is preventable as treatment for these diseases already exists in the form of 3 pills which help protect against all 7 diseases for a whole year (please see: (insert a webpage os names of some therapies here, it is up to you). In some instances, it costs just 50 US cents (0.93 euro) which is the equivalent of just around 10-12kc to protect someone from these 7 diseases for a whole year.

The aim of the END7 campaign is not only to raise the necessary funds to reach this elimination goal by 2020 but also to raise awareness and educate others about these diseases and their impacts around the world.

For this reason, Medical Student Chelsea Edwards and colleagues Alžběta-Frances Nováková, Max Dosch and Marius Mikalsen as well the END7 Prague members have started 'END7 Prague', the first of this campaign in Czech Republic and one of the few in Europe. The aim is to raise some funds throughout the year through fundraisers such as bake-sales, parties and collaboration with other groups such as UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines) and the charity team of LF1 Medosc; we have partners with the Prague Center for Global Health in an effort to spread awareness, best practices and to promote best outcomes with these listed diseases.

The other side of our campaign here in Prague is focused on awareness and education. This will be achieved by hosting talks and presentations to groups within the university, in schools and in youth groups around Prague. We will use the News in Medicine Elective to get students to focus on this aspect of global health for a special END7 focus month of February 2016 where we will have journal articles, presentations and patient cases related to END7. We will also hold a workshop on this topic in April next year in the Global Health Forum in Prague, 2016. Much of our work will take this focus of educating ourselves and our peers on these topics. 

If you are a student or practising global health professional and wish to take part, or can suggest any other ways in which we can support this campaign, please feel free to contact Chelsea Edwards at: chelsea_edwards8895@hotmail.com or find END7 Prague page and like it on the following link.


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